Fanfare FAQs for Businesses

What is Fanfare?

How does Fanfare help my business?

How does Fanfare attract new customers?

How Does Fanfare Work?

How does Fanfare work on my point of sale terminal?

Is Fanfare free for my customers?

How can my customers join my Fanfare program?

What kind of training is available for my staff and me?

Are loyalty cards required for my consumers?

What is the difference between a promotional card and a gift card?

How does end-of-day reconciliation work with Fanfare?

How does Elavon help merchants promote their loyalty program?

Does Fanfare require a long contract term?

Can consumers still join my Fanfare program even if they decline to join at the POS?

Does Fanfare handle commercial payment cards differently than consumer payment cards?

Can I order customized marketing material for my business’s Fanfare program?

Can Fanfare accommodate multiple terminals and multiple locations?

Can my customers earn points at all my stores and use them at any location? Can points be used across multiple locations?

What is the Fanfare Member Website and how does it help shoppers?

What’s the difference between an enrollment and an online registration offer?

If I set up an enrollment offer, how many times will any specific customer be able to use it at checkout?

What is considered a “qualified purchase” towards loyalty points? What amount is credited to my loyalty members when they make a purchase?

How do loyalty points accrue if my customer pays with cash or a check instead of a payment or loyalty card?

If I decide to offer my customers an enrollment promotion that is presented during the checkout process on the terminal, can I change it to an online registration offer? What about the reverse?

Can I change loyalty programs / rewards? How?

If a consumer has qualified for more than one reward or offer, which one is presented during checkout?

Can a shopper use a different offer other than the one shown at checkout? How?

Can a shopper use more than one offer or reward at a time?

Can I set up or customize my own loyalty program? What about time-based offers? How?

What kind of equipment does Fanfare require?

Is an internet or IP connection required? What happens if my internet is down? If I call for an authorization, are my customers credited with loyalty points?

Do I need a consumer-facing PIN pad? What if I don’t have a PIN pad?

What are the minimum browser requirements to use my Business Dashboard to view my program metrics, rewards, offers and customer information?

I am having trouble accessing my Business Dashboard. What should I do?

Is there a mobile version of my Business Dashboard? My Member Website?

Can I still use Fanfare if I don’t use Elavon for processing?

Can I access my Business Dashboard, program metrics or consumer data if I cancel my Fanfare program or leave Elavon?

If my customers register or use a payment card as a program ID, will they be spammed?

Is my customers’ information safe? How is their online privacy protected?

Who has access to my customers’ personal information?

Will you (Elavon) be contacting my loyalty members? If so, how and when?