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I went to school for banking and finance. And I couldn't make a decision about what I wanted to do, where I was going in life. So, I interned with Doral Hotel and Resorts in Manhattan, and had an opportunity to work in food and beverage. It was fun, because you immediately saw how customers reacted, how satisfied they were with a meal, a cocktail, a glass of wine. It was easy to make the transition into the restaurant business.

The first place I did was Morgan Supper Club. From that experience, I went to work for a company called Damon's. I later went on to do Puff Daddy’s restaurant, Justin's. And then I later branched off on my own, with Kozmo.

Come out, have a burger, have fun.

We were sitting around one day and we just could not think of a name. And my daughter,  Zoey, said, "Dad, why don't you call it KOZ?” And I was like, "Why KOZ?" And she said, "Well, Karen, Oswald, Zoey." I sat on it for a couple days, then added, "Mo," which is Morgan, my last name. It was done so organically—Kozmo is really an acronym for my entire family.

My approach was, “Come out, have a burger, get a Kozmo, be in an upbeat, high-energy place, have fun.”

“I always want to grow.”

A passion I discovered is wines. I’m not a trained sommelier; I just really enjoy it. As a result, it takes me on this journey. It takes me into these wine countries, and you develop relationships with your vendors, with the distributors, with the winemakers. Why? I like to connect, with the product and the individuals who are making the product.

I’m always inquisitive. I always want to learn. I always want to grow. And so, as a result, these things are naturally occurring—I’m very open-minded in that regard.

I have a passion for it. I would do this for free. Honestly, I would do this for free. And that's wonderful.

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