Elavon is the lodging industry’s recognized leader in payment processing and gateway solutions. We offer secure, reliable, fast and flexible payment solutions that help hotels securely route, process and settle payments while helping to minimize the risk of a data breach.

You want to focus on increasing occupancy rates and providing an exceptional guest experience. Elavon supports you by: 

  • Providing seamless, reliable, fast and secure payment processing
  • Offering payment solutions and integration capabilities with leading PMS providers 
  • Securing card payment data to reduce the risks of a security breach  

We focus on payments so you can focus on your guests.

Payment Processing

Elavon enables payment acceptance in card-present, e-commerce, and over the phone environments. We are the intermediary between your hotel, the issuing bank and the credit card network throughout the payment process – making sure the funds are deposited into your bank account.

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Hosted Payment Gateway: Fusebox

Our hosted payment gateway, rated #1 for hospitality, allows hoteliers to accept any payment type, from anywhere, routed safely to the processor of your choice. Fusebox offers unprecedented security, stability, connectivity and uptime.

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Layered Security: Safe-T

Elavon’s security solution, Safe-T, provides a layered approach to securing card transactions against security threats. Our approach includes payment encryption, payment tokenization, simplified PCI-DSS compliance and data breach protection.

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Simplify is a software application that is powered by our Safe-T Security Solution. It is a semi-integrated EMV certified solution that delivers point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization to isolate sensitive payment related information from the PMS and/or POS.

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Third-Party Payments

Converge Hospitality is Elavon’s newest cloud-based system that allows hotel staff to instantly issue a digital invoice via email to a Third Party Customer or Meeting Planner. Your customer can securely pay for an Amenity or Room-Related Charge online directly through the linked invoice – using their credit/debit cards or ACH.

No more faxing, emailing or taking credit card numbers over the phone!

Payment Terminals 

  • Countertop terminals feature EMV technology that process “chip” cards to eliminate counterfeit card fraud. Built with NFC technology they can also power mobile wallets.
  • Smart Terminals bring the convenience of a smart phone to a terminal. Poynt, a new all-in-one wireless smart terminal, is smart, secure, wireless and insightful.
  • Wireless terminals use secure, encrypted Bluetooth or cellular connectivity allowing for mobile payments. 

Dynamic Currency Conversion

DCC converts card purchases for international travelers into the cardholder’s home currency right at the POS. The hotels earns a rebate on each converted transaction, creating an additional revenue stream. DCC also minimize disputes and chargebacks and helps enhance the guest experience.

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Backed by the Strength of U.S. Bank

As a U.S. Bank company, we can help provide the financial support needed for you to grow and manage cash flow.


Watch how a layered approach can help your hotel