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Watch Your Business Grow with Fanfare

Fanfare not only powers your loyalty program, it can power positive ROI, too. Check out the chart
below to see how gift cards can really pay off. To get started, choose Retail/Service or Restaurant

Retail Restaurant

Retail/Service Review your potential ROI on the sample offers below. Contact Us for a More Detailed Report

Promotional Cards Distributed Each Month*

New Customers Generated by Promotional Cards

Studies show that 74.2% of consumers regularly use coupons to plan their shopping list (19.7% Always, 24.2% Often, 30.3% Sometimes).

New Loyalty Program Members

Studies show that 80% of loyalty program members think the benefits are worth enrolling with a phone number or using a loyalty card.

New Revenue

Promotional cards and loyalty members who continue to purchase on a regular basis generate new revenue. Promotional cards can take the place of other promotional tactics (like coupons) to bring in new customers.

Your Overall Program ROI %

*Assumes each card has a dollar value of ${{promoCardSelectedValue.value}} loaded to it, the business's average customer ticket amount is ${{ticketAmountSelectedValue.value}}, and the business redeems 25% of promotional cards each month.

IMPORTANT: The information and projections provided by this Calculator are intended for educational and demonstration purposes only and should not be relied on as a guarantee, suggestion, or representation of future performance. Users of the Calculator understand that it is their responsibility to independently evaluate and determine whether the Fanfare product is suitable for their business and their customers.

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