We provide full authorization, processing, settlement and support for your Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover® Network, JCB, UnionPayand Diner’s Club International® credit and debit card transactions. In addition, our network enables your restaurant to accept: EMV (i.e. Chip Card), PIN Debit Cards and Contactless (i.e. Apple Pay®).

Elavon offers a comprehensive solution set tailored for the needs for the restaurantsector including payment processing, traditional POS, tablet and smart terminal POS, Pay-at-the-Table POS and eCommerce solutions supported by a secure end-to-end payment platform.

Customers typically place larger orders and spend more money when using an order ahead portal than they do when ordering in-person. A Deloitte survey also found 40% of consumers prefer to place an order online and when they do they spend 26% more for a QSR order and 13% for a casual/fast casual restaurant order. Elavon can help you get setup with an order ahead solution to help meet your goals and delight customers.

Elavon has a validated, semi-integrated EMV-certified solution that delivers point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization to isolate sensitive payment related information from the Point-of-Sale (POS). This layered approach to security not only protects your brand from the risks associated with card data breaches, but also helps reduce the burdens of PCI compliance.

Our online transaction reporting and data analysis tools allows you to gather payment data intelligence, identify improvement areas and manage your restaurant’s case activity. Key features include customizable reports, dashboard transaction summaries, workflow management, chargeback management and targeted marketing solutions.

Opting for Fast Track Funding, our Same Day ACH solution, means we can fund you within 24 hours of your batch submission (applies to funding payments of $25k or less).

Elavon has a solution called Online Case Management (OCM), which enables you to easily receive, manage and respond to all of your chargeback and retrieval activity through a web-based portal. You can easily prioritize and manage your case activity to help reduce costs associated with retrieval requests.

Through our Fanfare program (available with talechsolutions only), we offer an integrated package of customizable loyalty rewards, offers, promotions, and gift cards that delivers all the power of big business loyalty programs. Customers get to easily track rewards and redeem them at checkout. You get happy customers and actionable data.

If your restaurant(s) serves international customers, you might want to consider the option of adding Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), currently available with Poynt devices only.

Mobile wallet adoption is increasing, particularly among millennials and Generation Y. With the spending power from Millennial’s alone, who eat out frequently, it’s important to make available to them the type of payment they prefer. Elavon can help youget started with these alternative payment acceptance methods.

Having Wireless payment technology in a restaurant environment allows the customer to pay using their swipe card, EMV card, or a mobile payment. It also keep the security of the card in the hands of the customer instead of the server, which protects both the customer and the business. Finally, it can reduce the back and forth that results from printing the check, getting the customer’s card, returning to the POS to process the card, returning to the table for the customer to sign, and then closing it out with the tip amount at the POS. Instead they simply print the check and grab a wireless handheld paymentdevice to take to the table. The tip amount, printing the final receipt and signature is all done at the table without multiple trips back to the POS. Elavon has a selection of Pay at the Table solutions to help you get started.