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Pave the Way for Patients to Pay

Consumer payment volume is growing by 16% average annually. Many healthcare providers are reaching a critical juncture in their revenue journey.1 To successfully serve their communities, medical practices need to invest in patient-friendly systems and processes to enable faster and more efficient payment collections.

Ninety-three percent of providers still primarily rely on mailed statements to collect patient payments2 even though they could save 44% by moving from paper-based to fully electronic statements.3 Paper-based processes are a roadblock to getting paid, yet providers are slow to expand payment channels and choices. Forty-three percent of consumers report higher satisfaction levels when given multiple delivery and payment options.4

  • 67% of providers have set-up online patient payment portals.5
  • 15% currently send messages either by phone, text or email to explain bills and let patients know what portion of the cost is covered by insurance.6
  • 21% send automated reminders to notify patients when payments are due.
  • 7% of providers offer Interactive Voice Response (IVR) as a patient payment option.

When payments become an impediment, patients are likely to delay or stop seeing the doctor. To ensure they get the care they need from your practice: engage patients early about costs, understand their financial situation, offer convenient and easy payment options.

  • Due to cost, some Americans delay or avoid care. 27% postpone getting necessary care.7
  • 23% skip recommended medical tests or treatments.7

Losing just one case a week could cost a healthcare provider $400K annually. That’s bad for patients and bad for medical practitioners.8

The Path to more payments is marked by more channels and choices

Access is key to building lifelong patient loyalty. By leveraging the latest technologies, we help healthcare providers to automate payment processes and expand financial options for their patients. With our solutions, medical providers can maximize opportunities to collect payment and decrease financial obstacles that may prevent patients from accessing care.

Pave the Way for Patients to Pay Infographic



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