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Our ACH-Echeck solution enables your business to accept consumer bank account information via web, phone or mail as a form of direct payment.

  • Faster Funding. Transactions settle within 24-48 hours.
  • Expanded Payment Options. Add a “check not present” payment option to your existing solution. With us, you can choose whatever combination of payments that is best for your business, whether it’s cards, check, online, or all of the above.
  • Improved Reporting. Consolidated online reports/statements.
  • One Stop Convenience. Electronic deposit of all payments & receivables into your bank account. Access online reporting tool to follow your ACH-Echeck transactions through processing cycle.
  • Minimized Risk. Mitigate returned or declined payments with one of our three tiers of risk mitigation services.

Risk mitigation and customer protection

Credit and debit cards are often considered the default payment type, but for many of your customers the option of paying through their bank account is a trusted and preferred option. Bank account payments offer your customers direct payment without the concern of remembering PIN numbers or worrying about having an accepted card type.

To assist your business in validating bank account payments, we provide two tiers of risk mitigation services we offer  two tiers of risk mitigation services. 

Conversion with verification

  • Real-time validation of bank routing number and account number
  • Verification that account is not flagged for possible return or insufficient funds
  • Business retains the risk for returned items

Conversion only

  • Real-time validation of bank routing number and account number
  • Business retrains the risk for returned items