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Businesses like you are busy doing good work – growing the family shop, creating the next big thing, disrupting an industry. They don’t have time to monitor their interchange rates. The interchange fees associated with accepting credit cards are a part of doing business, but it is possible for a business to reduce these costs by collecting and transmitting the right transaction data. However, the sheer amount of transaction data needed to qualify for the best interchange rates for commercial card payments can be daunting, even for the most sophisticated companies. Enter Commercial Card Optimization.

Word processing has spellcheck. Now payment processing has an automatic data check

Commercial Card Optimization is a software that will automatically enhance and populate the transaction data you need to authorize commercial card transactions for lower interchange rates. Currently, 50% of commercial card transactions are processed using only the three transaction data points needed to qualify for the highest cost Level 1 interchange rates. But, when you participate in Commercial Card Optimization, you can automatically collect and transmit the additional data points needed to qualify for lower cost Level 2 and 3 interchange rates.

The real impact of data

You may wonder: Can collecting a few extra data points really have that big of any impact on my bottom-line? Though additional data seems like it shouldn’t have a big impact, it really can. Qualifying at Level 2 instead of Level 1 can reduce your interchange rates by 0.4%-0.5% per commercial card transaction. For transactions authorized with Level 3 data instead of Level 1, that jumps to 0.8%-1.0% in interchange savings.

Reducing card processing rates on individual transactions roll up to large savings when you look at the bigger picture. After adopting our Commercial Card Optimization software, companies of any size can see big savings in their monthly commercial interchange rates. That’s more money you get to keep to grow your business – and you don’t even have to change any of your business operations.

Data can accelerate any business

The benefits to larger enterprise businesses seem obvious, but it doesn’t stop there. Think of all the places a business spends money. When you take a closer look, you will realize that there are many unexpected places that accept a high volume of commercial card payments.

Think of the local print shop that produces large amounts of business cards and pamphlets, or the hardware store that provides last minute supplies for local construction workers. What about the law office on Main Street with many business clients? There’s a reason that commercial card volume has increased 30% every year since 2014. Take a look at your own payment mix and be sure your business is ready to optimize your commercial card volume.

Get ready to level up

Commercial Card Optimization requires very little action to get started. There’s no upfront cost, no integration, no change in technology. All you need to do is sign our Level 2/3 addendum and you are ready to get started. Then, as the software starts creating savings when you accept commercial card payments, we share in your savings. It’s a win-win.