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Card brands require certain information to be featured prominently or to be easily accessed on websites that wish to accept their cards as a form of payment. These requirements apply to any customer accepting card payments via an online invoice or through an online purchase through your website. The information required is designed to help customers make an informed online purchasing decision. It also helps provide businesses like yours a way to reduce chargebacks and customer complaints.To help you get started with your website, make sure to complete all requirements.

Showcase the name of your business. The name of your business (DBA) must be clearly posted on your site. The Business Name on your website and the DBA listed on your application should very closely match to ensure your customers understand with whom they’re conducting business.

Should the DBA on the application include a business structure (Eg. LLC, LTD, etc.), store location, or type of commerce (Eg. Ecom, web store, online, etc.); this does not have to be included in the DBA presented on the website. If the DBA on your application varies greatly from the main business presented on the website, there will need to be a statement indicating that the DBA on the account will be what appears on the cardholder’s credit card statement. If there are abbreviations present within the DBA, the abbreviation will either need to be present on the website or spelled out and shown in a prominent manner.

Secure your website order page. The page where your customers enter their payment information must be secure and encrypted. If you’re using Converge’s Hosted Payment page, this step is taken care of for you. If you’re hosting the payment page yourself, please ensure your payment page has the required security certificates.

Show your customer service contact information. Display your customer service contact information to include either the Company street address (no P.O. boxes), an email address, or phone number. This information is generally displayed in the footer of most websites. It is important that your customers can find it easily.

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