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If you’re like most businesses, check acceptance is still an important part of your operations. Our Electronic Check Service reduces the risk and cost associated with accepting those checks. ECS converts all paper checks – personal and business – into safe, efficient electronic transactions. By submitting checks through the same system that you use to authorize payment card transactions, you can lower costs and accelerate your cash flow.

With ECS, accepting checks has never been so convenient and hassle-free. Utilizing our conversion services, once the check is processed and imaged, you never have to touch it again. Gone are manual check reconciliations, deposit preparation, time consuming trips to the bank, and handling returned paper checks. It’s that easy to streamline check acceptance and speed access to funds.

Faster funding

Transactions settle in 24-48 hours.

Save time

Eliminate manual check reconciliations and trips to the bank.

Seamless returns management

Automate handling of returned checks and resubmissions for higher check clearing rates.

Minimize risk

Protect against returned or declined checks with one of our three tiers of risk mitigation services.

Improve reporting

Consolidated online reports and statements.