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Because what works for one customer might not work for another, it’s important to be holistic in your approach while delivering a customer-centric experience. Paycentric offers the complete package. With many ways for a customer to pay, giving customers the billing and payment options they want helps you achieve the business performance that you seek.

Businesses are Going Digital1

  • 75% of customers are more likely to buy from an organization that transacts and engages through digital technology
  • 23% expected revenue growth with digital strategies
  • 89% of companies adopt a “digital-first” strategy
  • 90% of employees desire digital technology to access data

Stay at the Top of Your Customer’s To-Do List

Leverage insight into real-time payment patterns and trends which you can use to influence your customer’s payment behavior and eliminate hours of manual work on the part of your staff – decreasing the time spent following up on late payments or dealing with exasperated customers.

Even the most responsible of customers can get caught up in the day-to-day grind and miss a payment. Using our full-feature intelligence and engagement tools, you can initiate communications to customers via phone, email, or text. Enhance customer service and deliver digitally enabled personalized service to help accelerate payment.

Business Benefits

  • Improve efficiency with a fully hosted digital bill presentment and payments platform
  • Accelerate cash flow by influencing payer behavior through analytics and integrated communication tools 
  • Gain visibility and insight into payment patters from robust reporting and decision ready analytics 
  • Give customers technology-driven choices they expect, whether it’s mobile, online or in-person
  • Service your customers as if they were a “customer of one” 

Customer Benefits

  • Enable your customers to make payments on their time, any time, through their preferred means
  • Provide as little or as much billing details as necessary to satisfy customers' information needs
  • Allow customers to automate as much or as little of their payment experience as they are comfortable doing
  • See what customers see, in real time, when they engage with customer service agents


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