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Because what works for one bill payer might not work for another, it’s important to be holistic in your approach. Paycentric, our comprehensive bill presentment and payment solution offers you and your payers enhanced payment timing, increased payment likelihood, and enrichment of the overall bill payment experience with a multitude of payment options. You can rest assured that you’re giving your payers the billing and payment options they want and expect all in a single solution.

Studies show that when a platform like Paycentric is utilized, you can expect to receive payment within 10 days of sending the invoice, while all other methods can take an average of 27 days2. A quicker turnaround time means that your cash flow will be available sooner – and ready to cover real-time expenses!

Stay at the Top of Your Bill Payer’s To-Do List

Even the most organized and responsible of bill payers can get caught up in the day-to-day grind and miss a payment. But with the Paycentric platform, this possibility does not have to become a reality. Using our full-feature intelligence and engagement tools, you can initiate communications to your payers via phone, email or text – and avoid the possibility of a missed payment. It’s just one more way that Paycentric provides the positive experience that you and your bill payers want.

Benefits for you

  • Improved cash flow due to faster payments
  • Influence payer behavior with integrated communications and reminders.
  • Save money – and the environment – by decreasing the use of multiple mailers
  • Speedy reconciliation – one view into all payments
  • Give customers technology-driven choices they expect, whether it’s mobile, online or in-person
  • Robust reporting and decision-ready analytics

Benefits to your customers 

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use platform
  • Make payments faster and easier with multiple payment options
  • Access to payment history
  • Reduce the cost associated with traditional mail (postage, check-writing, etc.)
  • Capitalize on payment flexibility with options like one-time, recurring or future-dated payments


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