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Lower your costs

Educational institutions are challenged with tight budgets. There are many ways to lower your costs and improve revenue management. You may consider card payments just another cost of operating a university. But what if you could offset those costs?

Affordably expand payment options with fee acceptance programs

Service fees are revenue neutral and can enable your organization to better control costs associated with payment acceptance. By charging the cardholder a service fee on non-cash transactions, your university can eliminate the cost of acceptance fees.

Our Convenience Fees program can help offset costs associated with payments in card-not-present

environments, such as over the phone, mobile app or online. By leveraging convenience fees, universities can keep up with student demands for digital payment options while better controlling operating expenses.

Safer touchless payments

Elavon supports solutions that enable you to minimize touchpoints while delivering a quick, easy and secure payment experience.

  • Allow students and parents to control their payment method throughout the transaction
  • Eliminate the need to touch a screen or device that is not their own

Digital billing

Our cloud-based digital billing solutions make it possible for universities to modernize the billing process and increase satisfaction with the payment experience.

A single platform designed for a university

  • Mobile and online payments expand options via web, mobile, IVR, text, kiosk and point of service.
  • Multi-lingual capabilities enable international students to confidently pay bills.
  • Custom messaging and reminders via phone, email and text help increase the likelihood of on-time payment.
  • Enable set-up of one-time, recurring, future dated, multi-pay or partial payments.
  • Powerful reconciliation and reporting provide administrators with visibility into every transaction.


Elavon features security technologies that protect sensitive cardholder data throughout the payment lifecycle. Our security technologies can also help organizations to reduce the time and cost associated with maintaining PCI DSS compliance.

We’re here to help

Our higher education team is ready to help your organization better control payment acceptance risks and expenses. With our solutions and services designed to meet the needs of universities, we can help optimize your payments strategy.