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Payments Insider (, our interactive customer portal, empowers you to manage all aspects of your payments business. We’ll take care of the payment activity while you focus on what you do best, growing your business.

Designed from the ground up to be intuitive and easy to use, the portal gives you secure online access to your business information, and engaging content like the latest industry news, security/compliance articles and important notifications.

At-a-glance features

  • View anytime, anywhere – on your laptop, PC, mobile device or tablet
  • Receive SMS alerts when funds are processed
  • Gain insight into your business, customers, reputation and online listings
  • View your interactive online statements
  • View your sales, funding, and payments activity
  • Order supplies for your products
  • Get help and see product videos
  • Access timely and relevant news
  • Securely contact us and provide feedback

Interactive online statements

  • Drill down to batch and transaction level
  • View deposits, fees, chargebacks and adjustment activity
  • Download to PDF, CSV or XLSX
  • View statements for the past 13 months

Powerful, customizable reporting

  • Transactions, chargebacks, retrievals and funding reporting functionality
  • Interactive dashboard widgets
  • Reports across all business locations
  • Powerful transaction search
  • Interactive and intuitive
  • Download to PDF, CSV or Excel
  • View reports for the past 24 months

Online account management

  • Add and manage your business locations
  • Add and manage users
  • View and update business information
  • Order supplies for your payment devices

Self help and support

  • Product videos
  • Quick tours
  • Reference guides and compliance handbooks
  • Contact us and provide direct feedback
  • Online surveys