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Safe-T Link – Nothing to Find, Nothing to Steal™

Safe-T Link, powered by our secure Simplify application, is a semi-integrated EMV certified solution that delivers point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization to isolate sensitive payment related information from the Property Management Systems (PMS) and Point-of-Sale (POS). This recommended   layered approach to security not only protects your brand(s) from the risks associated with a card data breach, but it also helps reduce the burdens of PCI DSS compliance.

Layer Security with Encryption and Tokenization

We deliver encryption and tokenization solutions that help protect sensitive card data, especially where it is most vulnerable – both “in transit” and “at rest.” Simplify® is embedded in our payment terminals to encrypt card data at the point of entry and during the payment authorization process. It also triggers the creation of a token ID before the data is returned to the POS, PMS, or secure network storage. Because tokens have no value to hackers, they greatly reduce the risks inherent with holding customers’ card data for subsequent charges or inquiries.

Our ongoing investment in leading-edge technology helps ensure you are prepared for the future of payments and keep pace with the payment demands of your customers.

EMV Contactless 

Having the ability to now expand your payment acceptance options to contactless while experiencing the same level of confidence when accepting traditional Chip Cards is a win for everyone. Customers can simply tap and go all while reaping the benefits of EMV.

EMV Quick Chip

EMV Quick Chip allows customers to remove their card sooner which helps to speed up the entire process. So when your customers are on the move to their next event or midday meeting, it will take less time to process their cards.

WiFi Capabilities

You now have the power and security of Safe-T Link with the benefits of WiFi. WiFi provides the opportunity to enhance the customer experience as well as business efficiency by taking payments where your customers are. This allows for an increase in customer use cases.


Unattended retail is a thriving segment of the economy that offers huge growth opportunity for cashless payments. Cashless unattended retail attracts customers who often spend more.