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Bypass credit card acceptance cost all together by charging the cardholder a surcharge amount on every credit card transaction at the time of sale. The surcharge amount covers your acceptance costs for that transaction, meaning you can keep more of your revenue every month. Cardholders can avoid the surcharge by simply using a different payment method (debit, cash, check).

Managing cash flow

As a business owner, it can be difficult to plan for the time between receipt of card payments from customers and those proceeds being available for use in your bank account. Everyday Funding makes it possible to improve cash flow by offering the fastest funding at no additional cost for U.S. Bank checking account customers with a U.S. Bank Payment Solutions account. You can access your funds within hours of batch settlement and on weekends. Whether you need to pay an invoice on a Saturday or submit payroll on a holiday, this daily funding time frame allows small business owners to work when they need to.

More ways to lower your payment acceptance cost

Card brand interchange and assessment rates make up the majority of card acceptance costs, and we have developed opportunities to reduce these costs in all business environments.  

Our Commercial Card Optimization program helps businesses that accept a large number of commercial and corporate cards, which are subject to some of the highest interchange rates in the industry. This optimization program ensures that 100 percent of these transactions qualify at the lowest possible rate, leading to substantial cost savings for the business.

Our Debit card optimization program automatically prompts for PIN entry every time a debit card is presented. By routing these transactions through the more cost-effective PIN debit networks, this simple change at the point of sale can yield big savings for the business.