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Elavon cloud-based software, called talech, pairs easily with off-the-shelf iPads, smartphones and several existing point-of-sale devices to offer flexible payment acceptance. The software is powered by business intelligence tools to help you stay dialed into your inventory and adapt your sales strategy in real time.

How does it work?

Synch talech with other front- and back-of-the-house operations. The software then merges data from order placement, customer checkout and payments information and turns it into real-time business analytics. Simple, interpretive reports, accessible at no extra cost, are available from the dashboard showing inflow and outflow of products and other comprehensive data to help you spot trends. 

Data-supported business decisions are just a click away

Here are a few examples of what the data, viewed through dozens of report options, can tell you:

  • Compare real-time, on-hand inventory and goods sold to keep online product catalogs up-to-date.
  • See when hot items are selling and others are not, and which items are commonly purchased together.
  • Track the impact of promotions on revenue, inventory and staffing – which can be sliced and diced dozens of ways, such as by item, payment type and order placement type.
  • Monitor which employees are generating the most sales, on which items and at what time of day to adjust staffing and save money on labor costs.

Talech can provide the insight you need to quickly scale up or scale down at different customer purchase points to stay profitable, meet customer expectations and minimize the amount of cash tied up in inventory.

Because talech is software, it can take on a vast variety of mobile forms and is easily scalable to your particular needs, so you aren’t paying for functionality you don’t need.

In fact, there is a free version of the software available through your smartphone’s App Store that provides business analytics and insights, but not at a level as robust as a paid version of talech. It’s free though, so give it a try! All you need is an inexpensive, chip-enabled Bluetooth card reader for accepting payments on your smartphone securely.