We’re Serious about Security

Converge Mobile works with two encrypted devices, the Ingenico iCMP, a Bluetooth connected PIN pad, or the Ingenico RP457c, an attached card reader that connects via Bluetooth or audio jack. Both devices offer chip card, magnetic stripe and contactless payments, including Apple Pay®, Android Pay™ and Samsung Pay®. Plus, encryption technology helps keep card data safe at the point of entry and throughout the payment process.

Supported Smartphones and Tablets

The Converge Mobile app and the Ingenico iCMP work with both Apple and Android devices allowing you and your employees to use your own smartphones and tablets. Supported devices include:

  • Apple iPhone®, iPad®, iPad Air®, iPad Pro™, iPad mini™ and iPod touch® with iOS 7 and higher
  • Mobile devices operating Google Android version 5.0 or high

The Ingenico RP457c works with hundreds of mobile devices