Growth strategies

Evolving your partner model to adapt to a changing payments landscape

Whether you are looking for a market entry point or planning your exit strategy, establishing a long-term payments strategy is critical for sustainable growth. At Elavon, we have different partner models that can help your business evolve.

Medical Cents: Understanding Healthcare Payments Podcast

Patients and providers need help navigating the healthcare system – from emerging medical technology to paying for services. That’s why Elavon partner's with providers – hospitals, clinics, outpatient treatment centers, and more – to provide seamless practice management tools and integrated payment solutions.

Reduce cart abandonment by creating a great online shopping experience

While online cart abandonment continues to be a pain point for ecommerce retailers, there are steps you can take to increase sales conversions and drive loyalty. From transparency to security, there is much within your control to improve the online customer experience.

Payment optimization for airlines

In the dynamic landscape of the airline industry, optimizing revenue streams and enhancing payment performance are essential to success. Airlines can unlock hidden revenue and bolster their financial health by implementing a series of best practices when partnering with Elavon.

Accelerating growth for your merchants with real-time payments

The past two years have brought unprecedented change to both business and consumer behavior. 2020 was the year small businesses needed to find a way to adapt their operations to survive in a changing economy.

The 'Big Bang' for digital payments

Digital payments helped customers stay safe and connected to their local businesses when faced with pandemic lockdowns, but they have since grown accustomed to the convenience.

Solutions that lower your payment acceptance cost

Everyone wants to save money, especially if it is done without giving up a great customer experience. At Elavon, we have programs that help you reduce the cost of payment acceptance and improve cash flow.

Commercial Card Optimization

The interchange fees associated with accepting credit cards are a part of doing business, but it is possible for a business to reduce these costs. Let Elavon show you how.

ACH eCheck

Elavon ACH eCheck solution enables your business to accept consumer bank account information via web, phone or mail as a form of direct payment.


It is possible to offset the cost of accepting credit card fees with Elavon.

Expanding Your Business Online

Expand your business online giving your customers more buying options than ever before with ecommerce.

Innovative payment solutions for Financial Institutions Partners

Whether you’re starting a new business, selling online for the first time, or looking for a payment processor to better meet your needs, this guide by Elavon, is a great resource to help you understand what factors you need to consider. It covers the four main areas you need to pay attention to: funding, processing fees, security, and integration with ecommerce platforms.

Converge API

Using the Elavon Converge API allows businesses to manage their payments all in one place.

Get paid faster with talech digital invoicing

Get paid faster with talech digital invoicing. A no-cost service for web billing and invoice management within your talech dashboard.

Ecommerce Solutions

Elavon offers global ecommerce payment expertise, so you can focus on expanding your business capabilities.

Fast track funding

Streamline your funding pipeline with Elavon Fast Track Funding.

Supply chain interrupted: Better adaptability with business intelligence

Elavon can help your business overcome interruptions brought on by supply chain delays.

True Daily Funding

Elavon True Daily enables your business to be funded quickly, with minimal waiting or delay.

The smart payments choice for franchises

With the convergence of payments and software technology, ISVs that integrate payments with their platform reap the benefits of increased revenue streams, stronger company valuations, and a stickier relationship with their end customers. Partner with Elavon to monetize and maximize your revenue.

SMB Ecommerce Solutions

Elavon takes the guesswork out of accepting ecommerce payments and managing your business so you can focus on growth.

20 Questions to ask before committing to a payment processor

Whether you’re starting a new business, selling online for the first time, or looking for a payment processor to better meet your needs, this guide by Elavon, is a great resource to help you understand what factors you need to consider. It covers the four main areas you need to pay attention to: funding, processing fees, security, and integration with ecommerce platforms.

Ecommerce Chargeback Solutions

Credit card chargebacks are a costly reality for online merchants. Elavon can provide you the knowledge you need to avoid costly chargebacks.

The Need-to-know of PCI DSS Compliance

Elavon has put together this helpful guide that highlights the need-to-knows of validating PCI DSS compliance and how you can protect your business and customer payment data today and in the future.

Small Business Success Spotlight: Monica Fullerton

Learn how Monica Fullerton’s small business, “Spouse-ly”, provides services & goods made by members of the military community.

Setting business goals in the new year

Interested in how to succeed in business? Take a look at these key steps for setting business goals and achieving them this year.

Smart Devices Create Satisfied Customers

Smart point-of-sale terminal can help you maintain the appeal and momentum of local business, keeping customers coming back time and again.

Six ways to increase transaction approvals

Elavon payment processing can help business owners increase authorization rates, which results in more sales and revenue.

Small business success spotlight: Elena Carnè and T31 Apparel

Learn how T31 Apparel’s business focus shift helped it grow during the pandemic & why it is so important for small businesses to be able to adapt.

Small Business Success Spotlight: Steven Lee

Steven Lee of Gillian's Cafe partnered with Elavon to provide his customers with smooth payment processing through our restaurant POS systems.

How to Manage Cash Flow

Cash flow management is critical in the success of a business so that you know what payments are coming in & going out. Manage your cash flow with Elavon.

How to grow your business with ecommerce and social media

Learn how you can grow your business with ecommerce & using social media to make sales & get your brand recognized with helpful tips from Elavon.

How to Improve Employee Retention

Learn helpful employee retention tips to keep your business running to serve your customers. With staffing shortages everywhere, retaining employees is key.

How to Use a POS System to Help Your Business

Learn how to use a POS system to create efficiencies for your business to manage tasks for restaurants, retail stores & other service industries with Elavon.

How to grow your business and have a life

Learn how Elavon can help you with work life balance using tools to streamline payment acceptance, managing your business & security information & more.

Merchant Services Help Slay the Big Box

Discover how Elavon merchant services and retail POS systems can help small businesses create personalized shopping experiences that can help slay big box stores.

5 restaurant and retail trends for success in 2022

If you’re in the retail or restaurant business, Elavon has the top trends to keep an eye on so you can succeed throughout 2022

4 benefits of integrating payments with your software solution

As the worlds of technology and financial services converge, providing your merchants and their end users with a connected buying experience is crucial to differentiating your software in an increasingly crowded and competitive market. Learn from Elavon the benefits of integrating payments with your software solution.

5 ways to set up your small business for success during the holidays

Here are 5 smart tips to set yourself up for a successful holiday season to bring in customer traffic for your business.

How To Offset Credit Card Processing Fees

Accepting credit card payments can become expensive for businesses. Learn how to minimize payment processing costs with Elavon.

Get Small Business Payment Processing Faster

Businesses rely on consistent cash flow to help run efficiently. Help remove the guesswork on when you get paid with small business payment processing that's scheduled to your cash flow needs.


Accelerating growth for you and your business customers

Thanks to the rapid pace of innovation and advances in payments technology, staying ahead of competitors in an increasingly demanding environment is crucial for the success of your business clients. This guide from Elavon will provide four considerations to look for in a payments partnership.

Tips for maintaining payment data security

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Learn tips for maintaining payment data security by identifying the risks, identify gaps in security practices, and implement new strategies to fend off cyberattacks.

Mitigating fraud risk for merchants with a layered approach to security

The rise of global eCommerce due to pandemic-related consumer behavior, disruptions to the supply chain, and the current climate of geopolitical turmoil have converged to create a perfect storm for fraudsters and cybersecurity attacks. Learn how Elavon helps merchants mitigate fraud with a layered approach to security.

How to Prevent Payment Fraud

Learn helpful tips to sniff our payment fraud & scams. Save your business money by having data security be a part of your business payment process.

How To Protect Cardholder Data

With a rise in online payments comes the increased risk of hacking. Find out how you can protect cardholder data with Elavon’s PCI compliant solutions.

How to defend against cyberattacks

Learn the first signs of a cyberattack to prevent fraud and hackers from effecting your business. Elavon can provide your business with the security it needs to succeed.

Tips for small business cyber security for the holiday season

Learn how small businesses are targets more than ever for cyberattacks this Holiday season, and how Elavon can help by providing you with cybersecurity.

Trends and insights

Payment Solutions for Higher Education

Leveraging Elavon’s latest payment technologies, your university will be positioned to save costs, mitigate risk and improve the payment experience.

Fintech solutions driving competitive advantages for community banks

Elavon helps community banks with fintech solutions are driving competitive advantages.

Small Business Spotlight: Sweepstakes winners in the Atlanta community

In 2022, Elavon launched the Open for Small Business campaign to highlight small business owners in the Atlanta area and how they have woven into the fabric of their communities. We invited social media users to nominate their favorite small businesses around Atlanta to participate in our sweepstakes event.

Streamline Healthcare Revenue Management with a Single Payment Solution

Choosing a solution that incorporates your banking, payment processing and revenue cycle management (RCM) software all in one is a powerful way to save time and money, speed collection times and simplify operations.

You don’t need a detective to find tech that’s effective

We create technology for businesses that saves time, so we’ve identified some of the ‘must-have’ tech to invest in to allow your business to work smarter.

No Signature Required - Meeting New Expectations with Contactless Payments

2020 is the year that contactless payments. Studies published as recently as January predicted contactless cards would reach more than 40% of cardholders by year-end.

Payment processing trends for 2023

As a business owner, it’s vital to stay on top of the trends when it comes to payment processing. Let’s take a look to see what’s new in payments for 2023!

Shanita Miller - Black Girl’s Guide to Atlanta

We’re not only committed to helping small business owners, but also to uplifting their voices. Meet Shanita Miller, founder of Black Girl's Guide to Atlanta.

Safeguarding Your Restaurant Against Fraud in the Digital Age

Operating a large enterprise restaurant is a complex undertaking with many moving parts, including booking events, managing staff and even managing multiple locations or franchises. But one thing that is becoming increasingly top of mind for management and executives is payment security, as news headlines remind businesses of the consequences of a data breach.

How to use data analytics to grow your business

All businesses want to grow, cut costs and be efficient. A great resource to help achieve these goals is using business data. Learn how you can use business data to help grow your business with Elavon.

Black Friday: How to Prepare For Retail’s Busiest Day

Black Friday is an exciting time for shoppers, who love scoring big deals on gifts for others and big-ticket items for themselves. For small businesses and local retailers, Black Friday is a major opportunity to drive revenue and start the holiday shopping season off strong.

Holiday Chargeback Prevention

Prepare your business to prevent chargeback fraud during the holiday season as increases in orders & decreased security can make chargeback fraud easier.

Four ways innovative payment solutions can help healthcare providers

Healthcare payments in the US are often complex, time-intensive, and costly – for both patients and providers. Clinics, hospitals, and specialty medical practices often struggle to make the billing and payment process easy for all parties involved. Elavon shows you four innovative ways payment solutions can help.

How does inflation affect the retail industry

Learn how inflation will impact this year’s Holiday spending. Elavon provides tips for business owners on how to tackle the year’s biggest shopping season with consumers on a tighter budget than ever.

The Road Ahead: From Optimism to Optimization

Small and medium-size businesses have been remarkably resilient over the last several years. They’ve learned, they’ve endured, and many have thrived. As the year progresses, business owners are balancing caution with innovation and looking at how they can grow into the future.

How to beat the big box retailers at customer service

With the holiday shopping season underway, small businesses are looking for ways to compete with big box retailers. Elavon payment processing can help you beat the big box retails with small changes in customer services.

How to bust holiday checkout lines with innovative payments

The holiday shopping season is fast approaching. Elavon has the most seamless experiences for your customers will come from thoughtfully choosing the right mix of POS technologies and staffing strategies for your business.

How Do Small Businesses Help The Economy

Learn how small businesses still helping the economy during this challenging time, and how they can get the support they need from Elavon.

Expand Payment Methods with Modern Payment Technology

Learn how to expand payment methods for your customers with modern payment technology. Elavon's payment solutions can help protect cardholder data and streamline checkout.

5 tips to ready your retail business for holiday shopping 2020

Make the most of the season and drive sales to help make up for a challenging year with a strategy that puts the customer experience first.

Elevating the Ecommerce Experience

Learn to enhance the shopping experience for your ecommerce business, as well as how Elavon can help with your transition to ecommerce.

Embracing new payment methods

Elavon stays up-to-date on how consumers prefer to make payments. By investing in new payment technology, we help businesses accept payments the way their customers want to pay.

Evolving your payments strategy for the new consumer experience

As AI, ChatGPT, and the increased adoption of instant payments become more prevalent in our day-to-day lives, the impact of truly connected payments is upending the traditional consumer experience. Let Elavon help you maximize your revenue potential, accelerate your speed to market, and scale your business for sustainable growth.

4 Small Business Owner Vacation Planning Tips

Learn how small business owners can take a vacation even if they feel like they shouldn't through these helpful tips from Elavon.

Turning payment data into business intelligence gold

Small business owners don’t have to navigate daily and strategic challenges alone – Elavon payment processing offers numerous ways to find, collect, and analyze information to inform decisions about managing your organization.

Why it’s time to upgrade your healthcare payment solutions

Healthcare solutions providers can capture market share by enabling greater efficiency and better patient experiences with Elavon payment processing solutions.

Build Up Pride and Your Small Business

Celebrate Pride Month with Elavon and learn more about how you can support the LGBTQ community all year round as a small business owner.

Top talent for your small business

From finding qualified talent to offering benefits and opportunities to retain workers, Elavon explores how small business owners should consider the following tactics to build and grow a consistent workforce.

Safeguarding the payment experience through contactless

The ability to accept contactless payments should be an essential component of operating safely.

Accelerating small business cash flow in a turbulent economy

Learn how Elavon can help small businesses accelerate cash flow in a turbulent economy.

Unlocking the Small Business Opportunity in Financial Services

Learn how Elavon can help unlock the small business opportunity in financial services. Addressing the unique financial needs of small and medium businesses.

Uniting digital and human partner experiences

Elavon is uniting digital and human partner experiences as community banks enter the digital world.

Unlocking ISV potential through embedded finance

As payments technology and business models continue to advance and change at a rapid pace, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have new opportunities to monetize their services and provide valuable tools for their customers. Learn how Elavon can help find new opportunities.

Types of fraud in business

Businesses must protect themselves, but the first step in understanding the threats facing them is understanding the types of fraud in business.


Small Business Card Processing Made Easy

As a small business owner, your focus should be on your business goals and passions. The easiest part of your day should be receiving payments.

Payment Processing for New Businesses

Learn how to manage cash flow with payment processing for your new business. Elavon can teach you everything from handling fees to security and compliance.

How to reduce business costs

Inflation and labor shortages are some of the many small business challenges owners are facing currently. Learn how to reduce costs for your small business with Elavon.

Pave the Way for Patients to Pay

Medical practices need to invest in patient-friendly systems and processes to enable faster and more efficient payment options.

Customer stories

Operations Become Efficient with a Streamlined Payment Process

Operations become efficient with a streamlined payment process by partnering with Elavon healthcare payments.

Truck Rental Company Case Study

As one of the largest rental fleets in the do-it-yourself (DIY) moving industry, this multinational corporation understands that small payment processing savings in time and money can produce a significant impact on their bottom line.

Wholesales Distributor Case Study

Elavon provides solutions to manage card brand interchange rates for a global industrial products and services supplier.

Luxury Hotel Case Study

Learn how Elavon helped a luxury hotel company provide their guest a personalized experience while protecting sensitive information.

Music Venue Case Study

Elavon helps music venue synchronize their payments landscape.

Commercial Card Optimization Case Study

Learn how Elavon helped find payment processing cost efficiencies for an Ivy League University.

Streamlined Payment Acceptance Increases Bill Collection Efficiency

Streamlined payment acceptance increases bill collection efficiency with Elavon healthcare payments.

Streamlined Practice Management System Improves Efficiency

Streamline your healthcare practice management system with Elavon healthcare payments.

Monetizing payments to maximize your revenue and scale your business for sustainable growth

With the convergence of payments and software technology, ISVs that integrate payments with their platform reap the benefits of increased revenue streams, stronger company valuations, and a stickier relationship with their end customers. Partner with Elavon to monetize and maximize your revenue.

Interfacing Payment Solutions Saves Time and Resources

Interfacing payment solutions with Elavon healthcare payments saves time and resources.

Integrated Bill Pay Improves Day-to-Day Productivity

Elavon healthcare payments help healthcare providers integrate bill pay which leads to improved day-to-day productivity.