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A Message from our CEO Jamie Walker

Elavon continues to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus. We wanted to give you an update on our response. In keeping with our core principles, Elavon continues to strive to do the right thing for our employees, partners, and customers. We assure you that our business continuity plans have been thoroughly tested, and we are prepared to support you and your business during these challenging times.

Our current focus includes:

  • Ensuring the continued health and safety of our colleagues and customers is our first priority. We’ve taken immediate action such as reducing in-person meetings, allowing for remote working flexibility, and relying on technology to keep in touch. Much of this is already what we do, but we also will continue to be flexible and understanding of your needs. We are sensitive to the impact of the current market environments and are committed to supporting you.

  • The continuity of our service is critical to our customers and the broader marketplace. Our response efforts are coordinated by a centralized command center, overseen by our chief risk and operational risk officers. We are focusing on employee health and safety, business continuity, communications, and mitigation of potential business impacts.

  • We are constantly reviewing our continuity plans to ensure continuous delivery of critical processes. We are committed to directly supporting our customers, which starts with supporting our employees in critical business functions. We are assessing and testing backup locations, worksite transfer or relocation options, remote access laptop capabilities, and increased VPN access where necessary.

  • We’ll continue being the reliable business partner you’ve come to trust. In the coming weeks it will be imperative that we continue to support you in this dynamic environment. The continual delivery of critical payment services is the focus and foundation of our strategic planning. As a critical partner in your payment processing:
    • We are closely monitoring volume and up-time across our authorization, processing, and settlement systems. We have successfully re-tested our critical business recovery plans and stand ready to activate the plans as necessary.
    • We strongly recommend that customers continue to self-serve through , where they can access statements, manage their accounts, and find helpful how-to videos. Payments Insider is our easy-to-use customer portal that saves time. It’s possible that we’ll have extended phone hold times, so this remains the best option for immediate service.

Elavon’s senior leadership team continues to meet multiple times a day, is actively monitoring the situation, and will advise of any changes that may impact you or your business. We understand this is a tough environment and appreciate your continued partnership to achieve our mutual business objectives.

Please check back here for future updates.

Jamie Walker
Chief Executive Officer