When it comes to payment processing, what keeps you awake at night? Potential data breaches? Network downtime? Planning for an enterprise-wide upgrade? Rest easy. Fusebox™ protects you and your customers while making it easier to implement and manage an enterprise-wide payment processing solution.

The hosted environment ensures that cardholder data is stored behind our firewall, protecting your customers while mitigating your risk.

Critical cardholder data is moved from a merchant’s premise to Elavon’s facilities – ensuring that data is safeguarded behind Elavon’s firewall:

  • Complies with the most stringent PCI and PA-DSS security standards
  • Annual PCI-DSS certification, monthly perimeter scans, quarterly penetration scan, and real-time security monitoring are automatically performed by Elavon
  • Minimizes the exposure, risk and financial liability of a data breach because sensitive information is hosted at Elavon

Fusebox incorporates a comprehensive and flexible Data Protection Module that features advanced security measures.

Fusebox supports tokenization—the exchange of card data for a randomly generated unique ID (“token”)—where the card number cannot be derived from the unique ID.


The core platform is built on proven, dependable and redundant Stratus technology that delivers maximum uptime.

  • Crucial redundancy is built throughout every aspect of the system
  • Automatic fault detection, isolation, and fail-over features ensure that processing remains uninterrupted
  • Stable, encrypted active and historical databases built on Sybase deliver comprehensive transaction and batch lifecycle data retention


Fusebox is hosted and managed behind Elavon’s firewall, eliminating the investment and labor needed to maintain on-premise systems.

  • Enhancements and upgrades take effect immediately to all user locations, eliminating the need to distribute CDs, install software, and configure systems locally
  • Version control is easy to maintain across the entire enterprise
  • Users realize the benefits of hosted security upgrades, ensuring compliance with latest card association rules
  • Streamlined, same-day boarding with bulk creation and/or import of merchant information makes bringing new locations online simple and quick

An online portal and boarding tool simplifies administrative functions such as adding or subtracting users, changing entitlements, and setting hierarchies.