Freedom. That’s what online payment processing is all about. For your customers: the freedom to choose the most convenient way to pay. For you: the freedom to accept nearly any form of payment, to connect to multiple payment processors, and to configure a payment solution that matches your unique business needs.


With Fusebox, you can match payment types, communication methods, processing rules, and user rights to the unique needs of your business—and your customers.

  • Ideally suited for Hospitality, Travel, Retail, and Restaurant businesses that integrate multiple locations, points of sale, and transaction types.
  • Supports a wide variety of payment types:
    • Debit & credit cards
    • Electronic check processing with check verification
    • Electronic gift/prepaid cards
    • Purchasing cards (Level 2)
    • Private label cards

Fusebox connects seamlessly to a vast array of POS/PMS providers and certified transaction processors, reducing the complexities of payment processing by providing one-to-many connectivity, consolidating payments from various systems, and securely delivering them to processors and acquirers.

  • Provides point-to-point connectivity for every step in the transaction lifecycle:
    • At the point of sale
    • In the back office
    • Across your enterprise
    • To any processor
  • Streamlines processor certifications: one certification to Elavon’s hosted gateway is usually all you need to connect to multiple downstream POS/PMS systems and to multiple upstream payment processors.
  • The flexibility to select/change processor or acquirer relationships minimizes time.


Fusebox provides a real-time view into the transaction lifecycle through an online portal. Comprehensive transaction and batch management functions allow users to view, edit, and manage all summary and detail information.

  • Modular home page provides quick visual glance at updates, alerts, batch status and other key metrics—with event-based notifications.
  • Merchants have easy access to Batch Management, Transaction Management, Reporting, and User Setup tools.
  • Secure access to information is based on an individual’s profile and defined to support the needs of individual locations, regional operating groups, or the entire enterprise.
  • Fusebox aggregates real-time data and consolidates historical reporting for review and analysis, with data export for integration with other enterprise systems.