Elavon employs a focused and multi-pronged approach to strategic management of our MSP relationships. We are pleased to introduce our committed team of professionals to you:

Elavon Channel Managers – they act as business advocates for your organization — trusted and proactive advisors who play a lead role in helping develop and implement processing solutions. Your Channel Management Team will conduct regular on-site meetings and strategic account reviews to ensure that all of your expectations are met.

Meet your 4 experienced advocates:

Elavon Portfolio Managers – they act as your own internal advocate on a broad range of issues. Your Portfolio Manager (PM) will take the lead on product and project initiatives, ensure that you are notified of compliance issues, streamline communication at all levels and serve as a senior escalation point. You simply won’t find this level of support with any other major processor. 

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Meet your advocates:

Meet the rest of the team, including David McAlhaney (D.Mack), SVP of Third Party Relationships and leader of the channel.

Boarding Account Team – they work closely to support your staff on day-to-day issues. These individuals will be your primary operations contacts, responsible for bringing new locations online through our automated on-line application process. The MSP Support Team also works closely with your staff on a day-to-day basis. Their role is to provide support for terminal configuration questions, statement issues, and assistance with funding and DDA changes.

Implementation group - this team will help ensure smooth transition for your customers with a volume threshold of $50MM and above. A manager is assigned and implementation is tailored to each large customer account.