Gift and Loyalty

Business owners know that consumer loyalty is something that can’t be forced. It has to be earned through a continuous, positive relationship between the consumer and the business. We understand that, too. That’s why we made it possible for businesses to offer their customers the kinds of targeted deals and enticing rewards consumers love to get at chains and big-box stores with our Fanfare Gift and Loyalty program. While many businesses think that a time-intensive, stand-alone app with games and customizable interfaces is the only option for attracting loyal customers, Fanfare offers a no-nonsense, simple-to-configure loyalty and gift card solution alternative that fits the time and needs of small to medium sized businesses.

Did you know?

Loyalty programs can have a big impact on businesses’ bottom lines, especially when one study reported that 74% of customers choose a store based on the store’s strong loyalty or discount program1. But that’s not the only reason a business should consider adding loyalty to their customer offerings

1. IRi, 2017

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