Multi-Currency Conversion (MCC)

Today, 67% of global consumers use online retailers to shop internationally1, yet 70% of eCommerce carts are abandoned before checkout2. This abandonment is due in part to the lack of transparency into the final cost of a purchase, especially when a consumer has to calculate exchange rates and fees in their heads. Multi-Currency Conversion (MCC) can reduce the risk of cart abandonment by enabling you to show prices in any of the 90 currencies available. Using MCC reduces currency confusion, improves consumer satisfaction, and drives revenue on a business’s site. Plus, MCC offers an easy and affordable way for a business to attract new, international consumers without the need for physical locations or bank accounts in each target market. Let the business process transactions. We’ll process the currency exchange and fund them in their own currency.

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2.      “37 Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics”, Baymard Institute, 2016

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