Reporting & Support Tools

Partner facing reporting tool - PulsePoint is Elavon’s proprietary portal and portfolio management system that allows every Elavon MSP access to communicate in a fully integrated way across every part of their business and engage with data that helps you to run your businesses better. It’s all the relevant information an MSP needs in one easy to use place, together with the powerful tools required to turn that information into incremental profits. Click here to get more information on this reporting tool.

Merchant facing reporting tool – We offer Online Reporting with MerchantConnect. Your customers can go online to see their online statements and detailed reports, manage chargebacks, and analyze sales and payments. It’s easy to use – thanks to an intuitive interface – and no special software is required. MerchantConnect offers two reporting levels: MerchantConnect Basic for businesses with one location and MerchantConnect Premium for multiple store locations.

Global Learning Lab 
- This resource is where you go to stay current on the latest products and services by accessing our e-learning section or resource library, and stay connected with Elavon staff and your peers with our integrated social networking tools. Through this secure, password-protected website, the MSP Support Team posts collateral, customer service information, customer communications, pricing and reporting information.

You will also have co-branding options for most of our marketing materials.

In addition to these valuable resources, you’ll receive a weekly MSP Newsletter with the latest information from our team.

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