The right solutions for hospitality

The way your customers pay is evolving and we’re here to help your business be ready for what’s next. We understand how payment processes can vary between brands or even locations depending on technology infrastructure and configurations. Future-proof your payment investment today with our fully-certified EMV platform that keeps your business ready for the future of payments.

safe-t provides the right ingredients for a true Layered Security Approach

Nothing to Find, Nothing to Steal - leave cybercriminals empty-handed with the use of EMV, encryption and tokenization. Elavon’s layered security approach for the hospitality industry helps protect the brand equity of hotel chains from the consequences of a card data breach. A layered approach can be the most effective way to protect your business against the rising number of card data breaches. Elavon can help by providing you with a range of easy to implement tools to keep your transactions secure and your locations running smoothly.