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Partner Payment Solutions

Referral Programs to Accelerate Growth

Payments expertise from a partner committed to your success. As a software provider, you may be looking for additional ways to accelerate your revenue goals and broaden your sales reach. When you refer acquiring or gateway business to us, we provide competitive revenue-sharing programs through lead generation activities. Our revenue share model is a win-win, as every additional account you board with us drives bottom-line financial benefits.

Two Business Owners Shaking Hands and Joining Elavon's Referral Partners Program

Tailored lead generation programs

Experienced partner developers know how to build effective lead generation programs, paired with telesales support to drive new growth, improve retention to your existing base, increase brand loyalty and improve incremental sales.

We find the right mix for you, identifying key revenue goals and building out your referral program. Additionally, you gain access to our diverse sales channels and partner network to accelerate your growth.

Two Business Owners Shaking Hands and Joining Elavon's Referral Partners Program

A share in the revenue

Looking for a source of ongoing revenue for your organization or business? When you partner with Elavon, your revenue share grows. Residual fees are paid on all major card brand credit and debit transactions, along with gift card transactions, for every merchant you refer.

Business Owner Promoting Customer Loyalty Programs through Elavon's Referral Partner Program

Experienced partner developers

A dependable and experienced partner developer works closely with your organization to develop and promote program benefits to your network.

Elavon Employee Training Referral Partner Clients on Credit Card Processing Systems


With the volume of technology disruption happening across our industry, our tenured team members stand ready to provide training on the latest industry updates and developments you need to know.

Elavon Developer and Partner Referral Customer Creating a Data Driven Marketing Campaign

Joint marketing campaigns

Your partner developer will work with you to create joint lead generation campaigns tailored to your industry and growth objectives. Our data driven, results-oriented approach ensures targeted campaigns that work for you.

What’s in it for your network?

We’ve built our referral program with both you and your stakeholders’ success in mind. Key elements that make for a win–win include:

Mobile phone with two credit cards

Turning on the revenue

It’s well documented that today’s consumers expect to be able to make a transaction with the payment method of their choice, and that’s credit, debit cards or digital wallets more often than not. We help your customers grow their business by ensuring they never miss an opportunity to make a sale – whether online, mobile or in-person.


Secure transactions

With data breach stories making headlines all too often, you can feel confident with Elavon’s multi-layered approach to security is working for you. Sensitive data is protected with EMV, encryption and tokenization solutions, so you can focus on your business and leave the security concerns to us.


The customer is king here

We pride ourselves on our top-notch, in-house customer service team. Their “customer first” approach is a key reason for high satisfaction scores and retention rates across our customer base.

Ready to get started with our partner referral program? Please contact us today to see how we can help support your business.

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