Secure flexible connectivity

Fusebox provides the flexibility your point-of-sale or property management systems need to successfully manage payments for the variety of customers and guests you serve.  Fusebox is a secure, reliable and flexible payment gateway that makes it easy for your merchant customers to handle the growing volume of payments and other transactions. Fusebox incorporates the latest PCI and PA-DSS security standards and fully supports EMV technology, encryption and tokenization to ensure the layered security and integrity of the payment information in-use, in-transit, and at-rest.  Elavon’s solution provides a single interface for delivering payments and other transactions securely from any business location to their choice of banks, processors or acquirers in a secure, compliant environment. Batch management and reporting are accessed through an online portal, providing a real-time view into the entire transaction lifecycle 24/7.


  • Keep your customers transactions secure- in-transit and at-rest
  • One-to-many connections saving time and resources
  • Real-time auditing support
  • Supports anywhere, anytime processing
  • Advance reporting

How it works

Save time and resources associated with coding to multiple interfaces with the convenience of a single payment gateway for reliable, real-time connectivity to the leading payment processors.  Fusebox provides secure connectivity between many of the leading POS/PMS providers and banks/processors for any payment type while providing visibility into the entire payment processing lifecycle.

Markets:  Lodging, Restaurant, Retail, e-Commerce, and Mail/Telephone Order

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