Simplify powered by Safe-T delivers EMV, Encryption, and Tokenization

As a solutions provider, your customers expect that you are providing their business the best in secure processing.   With SimplifyTM you can easily meet these demands without major cost or complexity.  Simplify is a secure software application that resides on a payment device.  Simplify securely encrypts card data (manually entered, swipe, tap or insert) at the point of Interaction and sends the encrypted transaction data to Elavon’s payment gateway where a token for the payment card data is created and returned to the POS.  Through the Simplify application programming interface (API), your customers can easily isolate sensitive cardholder data from their POS or PMS payment system and reduce card data related compliance headaches.


  • Pre-certified for EMV technology, allowing ISV/VARs the ability to deliver an EMV-enabled solution without major investments associated with hardware and software changes
  • Semi-Integrated solution that isolates sensitive card data from the POS or PMS, removing the POS or PMS from the burdens of PCI compliance and the risks associated with a card data breach
  • Offers flexibility with its ability to integrate with current  or legacy POS,PMS and payment gateways

How it works:

The transaction is initiated on the POS or PMS device as it is today. The amount of the transaction is then transmitted to the Simplify payment terminal  for the payment acceptance process to begin. The cardholder initiates the payment using their desired payment method. The Simplify payment terminal encrypts card data and the point of entry and securely sends the transaction data to Elavon’s Fusebox Gateway where it can be routed to Elavon, or many of the other payment processors for authorization. Then, a token is created to replace sensitive card data values and returned to the payment terminal, and then back to the POS or PMS device. Within seconds, sensitive cardholder data is easily isolated from a business’ payment environment and the EMV card is verified and validated as authentic.


Markets:  Restaurants and Lodging

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