Case Study 1: Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging Facilities

Client overview

The client is a leading operator of outpatient diagnostic imaging facilities looking to improve their financial processes and elevate the billing experience for patients. The client’s payment system was cumbersome, particularly with handling refunds for patient overpayments—a process which was manually intensive, resulting in increased errors and inefficiencies.

Solution and benefits

Practice Management Bridge® integrated seamlessly with their existing system, resulting in several key benefits:

  • Enhanced transaction visibility: Centralized processing improved the visibility of transactions, simplifying payment and refund management.
  • Efficient refund processing: The system enabled ready access to transactions and direct application of refunds to the original credit cards, reducing manual labor and costs.
  • Scheduled payment options: Availability of scheduled payment options helped patients meet financial obligations while maintaining cash flow for operations.
  • Secure data storage: Encrypted credit card information storage minimized follow-up time on payments.

The Senior Manager of Patient Account Services praised the system, stating, "In addition to transaction visibility and refunding ease, it’s very simple for the staff to input payment information. It’s also very easy for us to go into the system and look up any information that we need related to those auto-draft accounts."

Practice Management Bridge® significantly reduced labor and costs associated with manual refunds and improved the overall patient payment experience by introducing enhanced payment flexibility and security.

Case Study 2: Multi-Office Dentistry Clinic

Client overview

The client, a dentistry clinic with nine offices specializing in general, pediatric, and orthodontic dentistry, faced numerous challenges with their outdated payment system. The clinic's staff was overwhelmed by the management of various billing tasks, which reduced the time they could dedicate to patient care and customer service.

Solution and benefits

Practice Management Bridge® streamlined patient payments and enhanced the billing process by providing:

  • Expanded access to payment terminals: Payment terminals were provided for all employees, instead of just a few. This reduced bottlenecks and enabled efficient response.
  • Online payment capabilities: The ability to offer online payments made it convenient for customers to pay and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Automated reporting: Improved financial reconciliation processes eliminated manual tasks and reduced the potential for human error.
  • 24/7 IT support: Smooth system integration and ongoing support to troubleshoot any system issues promptly.

A Business Development Manager from the practice highlighted the transformative impact of the new system on their checkout process, noting, "We had three or four staff members checking out patients, having to wait to process a credit card payment. Now, everybody can accept credit card payments at their own computer station."

This change dramatically improved the efficiency and fluidity of patient checkouts, allowing staff to manage payments more swiftly and reducing patient wait times significantly. The implementation of Practice Management Bridge® allowed the clinic’s staff to refocus their efforts on patient engagement and care and significantly enhance operational efficiency.

Case Study 3: Services Organization for Ophthalmology Practices

Client overview

The client is an industry-leading services organization specializing in management solutions for ophthalmology practices and ambulatory surgery centers. Billing processes were managed by a single individual, which created significant bottlenecks, hindering overall operational effectiveness.

Solution and benefits

Practice Management Bridge® transformed their billing department by offering an automated, integrated billing system which offered these benefits:

  • Increased accessibility: Employees could manage credit card transactions at their own workstations, enhancing operational flexibility.
  • Customized payment solutions that integrate effortlessly with their existing Practice Management System (PMS), enabling a smooth transition and continuity of operations.
  • Comprehensive support: Assisting with system troubleshooting and ensuring seamless integration.

The Director of Reimbursement noted, "I have a staff of between 40 and 50 people in the billing department, and any one of them can now take credit card payments at their own workstation with Practice Management Bridge. Before, it was one person running the credit cards, so it’s a much easier and a much more efficient way to run a billing department."

Practice Management Bridge® empowered the billing department to operate as a more efficient and responsive unit, alleviating the burden of manual processes and facilitating smoother transitions and continuity of operations.


The implementation of Practice Management Bridge® across these diverse healthcare settings highlights its versatility and effectiveness in improving payment processes and operational efficiency. Each case study demonstrates significant improvements in system integration, employee empowerment, and patient service, confirming the solution's substantial impact on healthcare management. 


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