Accepted Almost Anywhere*

Customers can pay with their card and a Samsung phone quickly and securely. They just pull out their phone and their ready to pay—whether that's the corner coffee shop, the local bike shop or their favorite big retailer.

Simple to Setup,
Simple to Pay!

Customers will add their debit or credit card using the phone’s camera in just a few simple steps. And they’ll swipe up on their screen to launch it at checkout. Then just hold the device above the terminal.**

  • Samsung Pay works at any retailer where your customer would normally swipe their card.
  • Hold the phone near a terminal and authorize the transaction with their fingerprint.

Built-in Security. Embedded Peace of Mind.

When the customer adds their card to the phone, the security features of Samsung Pay encrypt all their information. When they make a payment at a retailer, they don't have access to the actual card number—instead a dynamic token is created. The customer’s information stays safe.

  • Fingerprint authentication is combined with Samsung Knox technology, which monitors your customer’s phone for suspicious activity.
  • Your customers’ card information is encrypted, and their details aren’t shared when they shop.

If you would like to give your customers more ways to pay, click the “Get Started” button or call the phone number. It’s that easy to find out how our flexible, user-friendly counter top terminals support Samsung Pay (and other mobile wallets), chip cards and traditional magnetic stripe cards.

With transparent pricing (no hidden fees), U.S.-based live customer support, no cancellation fees and a secure platform backed by 20 years of experience, you’ll be confident you made the smart choice for your business.

Click here for more information about Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay is quick, easy and secure. It’s a new way to pay!.

*Only compatible with select cards and Samsung devices.

** Some card reader terminals may not be able to accept Samsung Pay or may require software updates.