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Stay ahead of expectations with Poynt

Poynt is an easy-to-use terminal with a sophisticated design for savvy businesses.


Take the checkout wherever your customers want to pay.

  • All-in-one cloud-based terminal
  • Go from the counter to mobile
  • Access to dozens of reports and insights


Poynt with talech

Transformative payment software housed in a sleek device.

  • Intuitive business features
  • Seamless experience for both merchants and customers
  • Wireless for up to eight hours

Poynt Wi-Fi

Deliver exceptional experiences through a secure connection.

  • Seamless catalog and order management
  • Robust inventory management and product alerts
  • Access to unlimited product SKUs and dozens of reports

Poynt 3G

Take payments from virtually anywhere.

  • Integrated SIM card for wireless freedom
  • Scalable solution that adapts as your company grows
  • EMV card reader

Poynt 5 Wi-Fi

A powerful solution in a mobile-friendly format.

  • 5” touchscreen display
  • Portable, ergonomic design
  • Bluetooth accessible printer options

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