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Safe and secure

Fusebox is a highly secure, reliable and flexible payment gateway that makes it easy for you to handle a growing volume of payment transactions. Our solution provides a single interface for delivering payments securely from any business location to your choice of banks, processors, and acquirers in a secure, compliant environment. Batch management and reporting are accessed through an online portal, providing a real-time view into the entire transaction lifecycle.

Robust reconciliation

You need the ability to reconcile all payment data in one convenient location without having to access multiple dashboards or systems. As you grow and acquire new and unique businesses, you can consolidate all new business transactions within one reporting tool by setting all locations to authorize payment transactions via Fusebox. It provides a user-friendly interface where batch management and reporting can be managed in one spot.

Numerous options

Not only do you have the option to select which third party platform to certify for payment acceptance, you may select several based on your needs and preferences. Fusebox provides the ability to certify once while providing access up to 17 third party transaction processors.

Award winning gateway

Time and time again, our Fusebox Gateway has outperformed the rest. Through objective, real-time analysis, we have won industry awards ranging from Best Performing Gateway to Fastest Transactions. We continue to maintain our standards in providing the most comprehensive and efficient solution in support of our customers intricate and immediate payment needs.

  • Best Performing Gateway – Elavon (Fusebox) 2019
  • Fastest Transactions – Elavon (Fusebox) 2019
  • Runner-up for Highest Authorization Rate – Elavon (Fusebox) 2019
  • Fastest Transaction – Elavon (Fusebox) 2020, 2021

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