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Give your customers more options

Whether you need a solution to easily accept physical checks or a way to capture bank account information remotely, we have options. Our Electronic Check Service (ECS processing) will help convert physical checks into electronic transactions that are funded as quickly as credit or debit card transactions. ACH-eCheck is an ACH (Automated Clearing House) processing service that allows businesses to leverage the benefits of check acceptance without the need for receipt of a physical check. These solutions help minimize manual handling, remove location barriers and keep your funding flowing.

Electronic Check Service
(ECS Processing)

Our Electronic Check Service (ECS) reduces the risk and cost associated with accepting checks. ECS processing converts all paper checks – personal and business – into safe, efficient electronic transactions. By submitting checks through the same system that you use to authorize payment card transactions, you can reduce costs and accelerate your cash flow. With ECS processing, accepting checks has never been so convenient and hassle-free. With our conversion services, once the check is authorized and imaged, you never have to touch it again. This means no manual check reconciliations, deposit preparation, or time-consuming trips to the bank. It’s that easy to streamline check acceptance and speed access to funds.

ACH-eCheck Service
(ACH Processing)

Our ACH-eCheck solution enables your business to accept consumer bank account information via the internet, phone or mail as a form of direct payment. Credit and debit cards are often considered the default payment type, but for many of your customers, the option of paying through their bank account is a trusted and preferred option. Bank account payments offer your customers direct payment without the concern of remembering PIN numbers or worrying about having an accepted card type. ACH can be accepted as easily as credit or debit cards from consumers anywhere.

Check acceptance for the modern world

Instead of considering checks an outdated, manual payment method, you can benefit from easily offering your customers more payment options using advances in check processing technology.

  • Expanded payment options for customers
  • Funding as quick as credit or debit card transactions
  • Reduced handling costs
  • Minimized risk and loss exposure

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