Next-Generation Gateway Solutions
Payment gateways act as consolidators of transactions, sitting in-between a merchant’s often numerous POS/PMS systems and a bank’s/acquirer’s processing network. They provide secure multi-point connectivity across a merchant’s enterprise. As a result, merchants don’t have to worry about certifying and maintaining numerous payment system releases. And transaction/batch management and reporting are simplified, thanks to a consolidated view of all payment activity. Most importantly, Elavon’s gateway solutions have redundancy and failover capabilities to maintain maximum uptime.


Providing Extensive Connectivity Options
Elavon understands that payment processing is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. The way you accept payments varies greatly depending on your business. Our solutions integrate with all leading POS/PMS providers, providing you the flexibility to consolidate payments across your operation, regardless of point-of-sale configuration (terminal, cash register, reservation system, etc). Transactions can be sent securely to your choice of processing endpoint providers, and can be delivered as part of an overall managed payment solution. We support hundreds of value-added resellers and software providers across multiple point-of-sale platforms and are certified to all the leading banks, processors and acquirers. You can choose from a variety of connectivity options, including SSL, VPN, MPLS and dial.

Payment Types

Supporting a Robust Range of Payment Types
Elavon’s gateway solutions provide consolidated processing and reports and support a robust range of payment types through direct connectivity or professional services integration with other systems.

  • Credit and Debit: We process Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network and UnionPay Cards.
  • Electronic Check: Reduce costs and improve cash flow with verification guarantee and check conversion services.
  • Gift and Prepaid Cards: Keep customers coming back to your business.
  • Signature Capture: Eliminate paper with our advanced hosted receipt and document imaging system.
  • BIN Management: Optimize PIN-based debit transactions with our automated tender identification solution.
  • Private Label/ECA: We support all major private label finance companies and electronic credit applications.
  • Purchasing Cards: Our solutions support the special processing requirements for Level I and II purchasing card transactions.
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