Credit Card Processing Security & Compliance

Data Security

Protect data with encryption and tokenization.

To successfully combat evolving security threats, and prevent malicious attacks, companies must adapt, update and modernize their security strategies. SAFE-T Suite features a combination of advanced encryption and tokenization technologies that protect cardholder data without impacting the way you utilize customer card information. And when combined with EMV, you gain the peace of mind that comes from complete end-to-end protection.

Safe-TSuite    Protecting Cardholder Data

PCI Compliance

Shift responsibility and risk to Elavon.

Shift responsibility and risk to Elavon by moving elements of the security process “upstream” and away from your business. To achieve true peace of mind, businesses must protect data at every point in the transaction lifecycle – in use, in transit and at rest. We can help you remove actual card data, de-scope your POS/PMS systems and reduce the costs associated with annual PCI audits.

Safe-TSuite    Security Whitepaper