Funding and finances, finances and funding. They’re the ever-present twins of small business worries that can hold your business up as well as keep you up at night. It can be tough to navigate the seas of managing your business while also making sure your vendors and staff are paid on time. And when you consider all the small details involved with small business financial planning, there are a lot of ways that things can get missed. The challenges are very real.

Small business owners wear a lot of hats

And we’re not talking about fashion - they’re likely not all hats most small business owners want to wear. If you start a business selling cupcakes, you likely wanted to because you love making and selling cupcakes, not because you have a strong desire to oversee small business financials. As a small business owner, you’ll be weighing in heavily on the financial decisions for your company regardless of your previous financial skill level. A recent study from the Financial Post finds that 83% of small business owners would have trouble passing a basic test on finance. Budgets and small business payment processing aren’t as fun as cupcakes, right?

Keeping cash flowing is hard

Inflation is only fun if your business offers balloons. And right now, inflation has made it more challenging for business owners to forecast and pay for expenses in real time. According to Forbes, 69% of small business owners worry about cash flow. And though it may be hard to predict the future, this is nothing to lose sleep over.

The waiting game can cost you money

There’s an old adage that “time is money.” And adages don’t become adages unless there is some truth to them. In fact, 66% of small business owners say that the biggest issue with controlling their cash flow is the amount of time it takes to process payments and access their money. 31% of small business owners report they wait up to 30 days to get access to their payments, according to Forbes. For 30% of business owners, late payments have prevented them from paying their own bills and even stopped them from expanding their business. That lack of growth means missing goals and making less money. Not a great business plan.

There are ways to overcome the challenges

How much better would your cash flow issues become if you could set your funding schedule so you’re not playing guessing games with your money? With Elavon Funding you have small business payment processing options that allow you to stay on top of your funding. There is a suite of options based on what your small business needs. You can count on the funding level that is right for your business with speeds as fast as one to two business days up to as quick as 30 minutes. And these aren’t loans with interest, just simple, one-time fees determined by the speed and your amount of cash flow. It’s your business’s money, we believe you should access it at the speed you need.

Once you establish a consistent small business payment processing plan, you don’t have to worry about when withdrawals hit your account.


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