Ease Your Mind and Your PCI DSS Compliance Scope

By late December 2017, the number of data breaches was 21% higher than the same period the previous year.1 If your business were targeted, are you certain your payment data is protected? Does your security program meet PCI DSS compliance requirements?

Safe-T Link® with P2PE Protect is a cost-effective solution that not only safeguards your business from the risks associated with card data breaches, but also reduces PCI DSS compliance scope. It features a delivery system that includes:

  • EMV-capable terminals that authenticate the card at the POS to ensure it is valid
  • Simplify® PCI-validated software that replaces card data with a token that keeps it safe at rest and for subsequent charges
  • Data encryption throughout the entire transaction loop – from entry to processing – with decryption only at Elavon’s secure site
  • A strict chain of custody with PCI-approved software and devices, secured injection and tamper-free merchant receipt

There’s never a better time than now for Safe-T Link with P2PE Protect – our PCI-validated solution.

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