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Elavon’s solutions help State and Local Government capture and control more revenue in a safe and efficient manner while giving citizens all of the convenience they want.


Solutions Designed for Public Sector Needs

Our solutions are designed to meet your specific needs such as American Express© Public Sector Program for the Public Sector and Multi-Channel Service Fee solutions and programs.

Trusted Provider

Our dedicated team of Public Sector relationship managers and business development officers understand the complexities and challenges that the Public Sector faces on a day-to-day basis. Over 19,000 Public Sector clients trust Elavon to process their payments.

The Path to Secure Payments

We are dedicated to data security and PCI DSS compliance to ensure the safety and security of the payments you accept. We are owned and backed by a financial institution that has been in business for over 100 years and is known for its integrity.

State and Local Governments

Local, state, and federal organizations require a steady source of revenue to provide the quality programs and services citizens need. Now more than ever, shifting demographics, reduced funding, and mounting costs require you to do more with less. Elavon helps you collect timely payments with no transaction costs to your department and, at the same time, reduce administrative costs with simplified processing.

Higher Education

Your institution’s fiscal health depends on prompt tuition and fee collection. Students’ preferred methods of payment are becoming more diverse, but Elavon makes it convenient and safe for students to pay how they want. And regardless of whether your school is online or spread across multiple campuses, you can still track and manage payments with simplified operations and reduced costs.

Multichannel Solutions

Citizens can pay how they want, when they want, where they want. Whether you manage traffic court or park entrances, Elavon has a payment solution for you to securely accept a variety of payments, including credit and debit cards, gift cards, mobile wallet, electronic checks, ACH and EBT. Elavon collects and manages payments and processing fees, reducing or eliminating transaction costs to you.


Managed Service Fee Program

Each card network has unique surcharge, convenience fee, and service fee rquirements. Our Managed Service Fee program manages these requirements for you and processes your customers’ payments along with any applicable convenience fees, as allowed under specific card network guidelines. The collected convenience fee could reduce or eliminate your transaction costs.


American Express© Public Sector Program

Elavon is the first to offer American Express processing in the same way as the other card brands you typically accept. One statement for all cards, same speed of pay, and one servicing contact. Contact us today to enable acceptance of American Express Cards and receive free signage and supplies.


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