More than 19,000 public sector customers trust Elavon to manage their payments

With shrinking revenue, rising costs and increasing citizen demand for services, maintaining financial stability can prove extremely challenging. Managing payments and other sources of revenue is critical. Elavon’s fully automated solutions help agencies, universities, utilities, non-profits and other public sector entities capture more revenue, while reducing administrative costs with digital payments.

State and Local Government

Whether local, state or federally based, your organization requires a steady source of revenue to provide the quality programs and services citizens need. But shifting demographics, reduced funding and mounting costs require you to do more with less. Elavon can help:

  • Timely collect payments and fees – wherever services are provided – with no transaction costs to you
  • Cut administrative costs with simplified processing
  • Improve financial management and controls
  • Effectively secure payment data and reduce PCI DSS compliance burdens

Higher Education

Student populations are becoming much more diverse. And so are their preferred methods of payment. Whether your campus is online or spread across multiple facilities, your fiscal health depends on the ability to promptly collect tuition and fees, while making it convenient and safe for students to pay how they want.

Our solutions for Higher Education enable you to:

  • Accept a variety of payment types in a range of environments – from checks to Apple Pay® – with no transaction costs to you
  • Track and manage payments across one or multiple facilities
  • Ensure that student payment information is secured

Elavon has helped more than one million customers around the world — including simplify operations and reduce costs. We can do the same for you.


Citizens want more control of utility consumption costs, which can lead to reduction in profits even as your own expenses and competition rise. Cost- effective payment processing is more important than ever.

Elavon solutions help utilities reduce processing costs, while providing a reliable means to securely collect, track and manage payments. Best of all, transaction costs can be reduced or eliminated in certain situations with convenience fees.

You’ll be assured that your customers’ payment data is secure with our layered approach that combines EMV, tokenization and encryption. Plus, we help to reduce the burden of PCI DSS compliance.


As demand for services increases, maintaining adequate cash flow to support program implementation or expansion — while controlling costs — is critical.

You need to ensure that you promptly collect and carefully manage all of the revenue that you can. Elavon can help with solutions that enable non-profits to effectively:

  • Capture, track and manage donations and payments for improved cash flow – with no transaction costs
  • Reduce administrative costs associated with payments processing
  • Safeguard payment data, while reducing PCI DSS compliance burdens


Achieving your business goals in the highly complex public sector requires the right product mix, technical expertise and dedicated support. When you partner with Elavon, you’ll benefit from years of industry know-how. Plus, we provide the resources you and your clients need to thrive.

  • Expanded product offering
    Secure omni-commerce solutions that facilitate seamless payments in multiple environments
  • Attractive revenue opportunities
    Flexible merchant pricing and residual advances, with no exclusivity or minimum revenue requirements.
  • Comprehensive training
    Extensive training on our solutions to help you and your clients excel
  • 24/7/365 Support
    When you have questions or problems, we have the answers

Multichannel Solutions

Your citizens are accustomed to fast, convenient retail payment options. They will expect the same from you. Can you confidently, securely accept payments everywhere you do business? Whether you manage a child support office, traffic court or park entrances, we have a payment solution to fit your needs.

We offer multichannel solutions that securely accept a variety of payments including:

  • Credit cards - including EMV, magnetic stripe and contactless
  • Debit and PIN debit cards
  • Apple Pay® and Android Pay™
  • Electronic checks, ACH and EBT
  • Gift cards

Elavon collects and manages payments and processing fees, reducing or eliminating transaction costs to you. You can even set up your own branded portal. Citizens can pay how they want, when they want from where they want – including tablets and smartphones. We also offer a host of easy-to-use devices, including long range terminals that are perfect for accepting payments in remote locations.

Managed Service Fee Program

Each payment card network has unique rules regarding surcharges, convenience fees and service fees. These requirements can also dictate the type ofequipment and applications needed. Don’t spend your valuable time trying to determine which is appropriate.

Elavon will process your customers’ payments and any applicable convenience fees, as allowed under specific card network guidelines.* The collected convenience fee could reduce or eliminate your transaction costs.

With more than 25 years in the payments industry, we know how to effectively work with the card networks, as well as federal and state regulators to help ensure your payments are compliant. Our Managed Service Fee program frees you to focus on providing the services your citizens expect.

* Merchants must complete registration with Visa® and/or Mastercard®, after which a unique merchant control number will be assigned if approved.

PCI DSS Compliance Security Foundation

Experts agree a layered approach can be the most effective way to combat fraud and protect payment data. Elavon offers a range of easy-to-implement security tools to help keep your transactions secure and your organization running smoothly.

With our Security Solutions you can confidently:

  • Minimize stored data liability and reduce your compliance efforts
  • Support EMV-chip cards and Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless
  • Protect your customers’ data with the latest encryption technologies
  • Safely store customer data and process payments using tokenization solutions

Your citizens expect that their payment data will be safe. You can trust Elavon to help you securely manage your payment data, from beginning to end.