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Enterprise Merchant Services

Reporting for Global Merchant Services

Unlock the payments intelligence you need daily. Our Payments Core 365™ and Online Case Management (OCM) tools make it easy to identify the payments data you need to drive effective action and change. Payments Insider® provides comprehensive, interactive reporting, enabling you to drill down to the details.

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Payments Core 365

Buried in data? Unsure which metrics really matter? Payments Core 365 can help identify areas for cost saving and operational improvements. Payments Core 365 is a data file that makes it easy to reconcile your transaction data against your DDA account.

At-a-Glance Features:

• Match the deposits in your bank account to the detailed transaction level.
• Process optimally across all locations.
• Create key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you pinpoint overall performance by location.

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Manage your chargebacks with OCM

Managing chargebacks and retrievals can be a difficult and confusing part of payment processing. Our Online Case Management (OCM) solution enables you to easily review, respond and manage all of your chargeback and retrieval activity.

With OCM, you can effectively manage your chargeback cases through our online portal. OCM features a daily summary of case activity as well as automated alerts. You set the preferences for your alerts whether it’s new chargeback and retrieval cases, status updates, high value amounts and case aging.

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Robust reporting with Payments Insider

Payments Insider®, our interactive customer portal, provides powerful, customizable reporting, giving you the tools to manage all aspects of your payments activity. Interactive and intuitive reports enable you to drill down to transaction, chargeback, retrieval, downgrade and funding activity quickly and easily.

Download reports in your preferred format – PDF, CSV or Excel – for further analysis. Interactive widgets on your personal dashboard graphically show your payment activity and sales by location.

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