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International currency solutions

Elavon helps customers grow and find new revenue opportunities with currency conversion solutions. With Multi-Currency Conversion (MCC), you simply post the prices in the currencies you want to support, and you’re ready to accept online payments for those currencies. Funding will be in your local currency - eliminating the hassle of currency conversion. MCC is a simple and affordable way for you to attract new customers in international markets without the need for a physical location in those markets. 

For in-person purchases, Dynamic Currency Conversion makes it easy for international cardholders to clearly understand the price of their transaction when it’s displayed in their local currency right at the point-of-sale. Plus, you can greatly reduce the risk of chargebacks related to customer confusion around reconciling international sales receipts with card statements.

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By partnering with Elavon, you can quickly reach a global audience without the costs associated with operating multiple physical locations. Elavon offers global payment expertise, so you can focus on expanding your business capabilities. We offer technical expertise to engineer eCommerce business solutions in addition to offering flexible integration options.

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